In Naples, you know the coffee is an art… Do you want to know how to make real “caffè Napoletano”? Continue reading… The Cup of coffee is the good morning of the Neapolitan because he wakes up in the morning foretasting the good taste of his coffee. The Real Coffee made in Naples was done in that old tin machine with the loose filter. The same that the Neapolitan actor Eduardo De Filippo has several times shown in his shows, is the only one to confer the natural taste of coffee. The machine indicated is the Tazzulella and is composed of three long, tubular elements. One element contains two perforated discs for collecting roasted coffee, another has a spout and a third has a handle and a long spout. If you can get it, you can follow this recipe of the real Neapolitan coffee. Here it is.

Neapolitan Coffee: The Original Recipe of the most beloved beverage in Campania

Ingredients for 3 or 4 cups of coffee

Tin (or brass, or aluminium, or silver) machine with a diameter of 7 cm, 20 grams of roasted coffee powder, 2 dl of water.


Put the coffee in abundance between the two discs. Screw on and then fill the second container without the handle with water. Water should level the hole, place the machine on a flat surface. Place the container with water over the other with coffee powder in it and then put the third container on top. Tighten everything well and put the Tazzulella, always kept vertical, on the stove. After 4 or 5 minutes the water boils, remove from the heat and put it upside down on a platter alongside a sugar bowl and cups. Wait 3-4-minutes, the time it takes for the coffee to process. Then, without warming, pour it directly into the cups, filling them in half. Now you can serve the real Neapolitan coffee.

Source: Cucina Napoletana – Ricette Raccontate, M. Penta De Peppo.